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The A-list personal trainer on how to look and feel good this summer

Kate Hudson isn’t afraid to flaunt her body, and who can blame her? The 38-year-old mom of two has one of the best figures in Hollywood — and has her friend and trainer of 18 years, Nicole Stuart, to thank for it.

West Hollywood-based Stuart got her start with famed Pilates instructor Mari Winsor before branching out with her own star-studded list of clients, including Anna Faris, Portia de Rossi and even Hudson’s mom, Goldie Hawn. She’s also on the advisory board of Fabletics, Hudson’s line of athletic wear, which opened a 2,715-square-foot location at Woodfield Mall (5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg) last month.

Kate Hudson in Fabletics

Here, she gives us the scoop on what to wear while you’re sweating, and the app that keeps Hudson in shape on-the-go.

How does what you wear impact your workout?Clothing is everything; it motivates me. If I’m feeling lazy or down, I wear the brightest, happiest pants ever and it immediately changes my outlook — which changes my energy [level].

Your method of Pilates is a mix of dance, yoga, stretching and cross training, which all require a lot of movement. Do you prefer trainees to wear fitted clothes? Yes, I prefer really tight. I love when my clients wear midi sports bras and cropped leggings. It’s just better for me as a trainer, so I can actually see their bodies. Pilates is all about physics — so with tighter clothing I can really focus in on what they’re doing.

When is the best time to get a workout in if you’re working 9-to-5? My recommendation is to get it over with first thing in the morning. Drag yourself out of bed, you’ll always feel better. Exercise is a part of life — you have to eat, you have to go to bed, you have to pay taxes, you have to exercise. But if mornings aren’t your thing, do it at lunch. Spinning [is a great] high-intensity workout in the shortest amount of time.

What’s the biggest fitness mistake people make? Jumping in too quickly and expecting to lose 25 pounds in a month. Don’t jump in so quick [you] burn out, [for example] after the New Year or before special occasions. Work out three times a week and try to stay consistent for 12 months.

We have to ask: How does Kate get a workout in when she’s shooting on location? I [created] a video app called QE2 ($7.99 in the App Store) for quick, easy exercises, especially for people like Kate. [Sometimes] on the road she only has 10 minutes; she can’t really sweat, but wants to do something, so she’ll turn on a hip or butt series.