My Last Film Project

Captain was accepted into:
Dances With Film, Indie Fest, Brooklyn Film Festival, Kentucky Film Festival, West Virginia Film Makers Festival
(Where it won Audience Award)

“CAPTAIN, written by Jack Sundmacher and Nicole Stuart, starring Nicole Stuart, Bjørn Johnson and Jack Sundmacher directed by Max Cady, and produced by Caitlin Renée Campbell/Renwick Prods., is a dark comedy that has been acclaimed as a “Must See Festival Film”

“Captain’s” narrative is quirky enough to hide the mystery over the short film’s 14-minute running time. But the real delight is watching the actors spar with one another. Written by stars Stuart and Sundmacher, director Max Cady knows how to get out of the way and permit his actors to feed on the built in short-hand understanding of the material.

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